Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Flash!!!!

Meteorite Lands in Newstead Resident’s Frontyard.

An early morning jogger noticed a large object in the frontyard of a property in Newstead.

The passer by immediately notified authorities claiming she had found, what she believed to have been, a meteorite.

On closer inspection by the authorities, they discovered the object to be ”a pimpin’ great pumpkin”.

Investigations are continuing and the site remains closed for viewing. Upon speaking to the resident, authorities believe that the pumpkin is being grown as part of a Pimp Your Pumpkin Competition. Despite allegations of GM and the use of purple pigmentation, no fowl play is believed to be involved at this stage (other than the strong odour of chicken manure that lingers around the property)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess the pumpkin No.3

Someone told me that we would struggle to grow a pumpkin over 40-50kg. Well, how wrong were they!!!
Check out this monster...

That's a size 10 thong to give you a sense of scale

Guess the pumpkin No.2

Who's pumpkin could this monster be?? Well, it was a pumpkin, honest!!!

Oh well.. There's still hope

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fellow Pumpkiners: How's Yours Goin?

Guess who's this is:

Actual email received with the photos:

Subject: dear clog. i know not blog, but down in my bog i found ......

…a pretty pimp’n yella fingy.

Note; very secret hiding spot complete with “wallaby Proof Fence” and “floppy top possum abatement system”.
Security provided by “cows with guns”.

Other security initiatives include;
“rat proof, pressure cooker compost system”,
“bird proof effort justification/ offset system (harvest garden for the missis)”,
“frost proof, glass enclosed jump starter system, (never used)”,
“free standing, sacrificial anode patch for the natives (still need to build jail around the raspberries).

Quiz question; what single piece of plant security system in the picture can be traced back to Vermont Rd and Uncle Chris. Hint; it is not in active service.

Dear little clog, I not know how to blog, causes my brain to chog, makes me sick as a dog.